esmer is the trade mark for PSL's multiphase flow metering products.

esmer stands for Expert System for Multiphase Measurement, a patented technology which combines conventional fluid mechanics and flow regime identification by means of neural nets.

esmer can be implemented for a range of flow metering / monitoring/ detection applications in oil/gas production lines including multiphase flow, wet gas and water-in-oil metering.

esmer can work with a range of simple sensors, some of which may already be present on the process line. The reader is referred to Publications for further scientific and technical detail and to Brochures for specific product implementations of the technology.

esmer comprises:

esmer software runs on the industry standard Windows platform. The software is easy to use and maintain.

esmer has undergone an extensive range of laboratory and field trials since 1997. A number of esmer systems have been in use on-shore and off-shore well testing applications since 2002.(see News)

The main advantages of esmer over competing systems can be counted as follows: